I -Wire Bending for Digi-Comp I

The Digi-Comp I, has 12 wire “rods”, 1 wire “crank”, and one wire “Pin”  that are made from music wire.  Music wire, for those who haven’t worked with it before,  is very springy, and difficult to bend. Eye and hand protection is recommended because the wire can fracture into sharp shards. 

For the full sized Digi-Comp I, use .055 wire for the rods, and .062 wire for the crank.   I purchase from a couple of different stores on Ebay, where the wire is sold to make things like landing gear for model airplanes. 

Print the Wire Template from the files on Thingiverse and use it to help create pieces that are correctly shaped and consistent. It may take  a few practice tries to begin to get consistent results. I used a lineman’s pliers, heavy needle-nose, and a mini bolt cutter to shape the wires.  

Make 12 rods from .055 diameter wire. 

tools 360

Starting with one end of the template, get an idea how long to make the first segment. 

And go ahead and make the first bend

Compare you bend against the template and make any adjustments

Continue progressing bend by bend until completed

Try to make the top end “square”.  This will help to keep the rubber bands from sliding off.

After the last bend, cut the wire 

See if the final product fits in the template.  If not, adjust or start over…  This one doesn’t quite fit on the right side. 

With the wire on a flat surface, make sure that it lays flat.  Twist or bend as necessary to make it do so. 

Now repeat until you have 12 acceptable copies. 

Then, proceed with the same procedure to bend the crank out of the heavier wire. 

You only need one copy of the crank. 

The wire template was updated after these photos to include the bending pattern for one wire pin.  Use 0.055 wire for this.

And now you’re done!

Thanks for viewing. 

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