Relay on for one second via alexa command V3

Heres a user requested example of how to turn the relay on for one second after given a RELAY ON command to Alexa  

When a relay on command occurs, the current timestamp in Milliseconds is captured and a flag is set to indicate that we need to which for a second to pass

In the loop() function, if the flag indicating the relay is on, is true, then we will get the current time in Milliseconds, subtract out the time saved when the relay was turned on, and see if the difference is a second or greater. If so, the relay is turned off and the flag is cleared 

Note, that this code still allows for the RELAY OFF command to occur, but it probably will be unused in this application 

Additionally, if one could have Alexa turn the relay on, and then have it turn on again before the one second is up (unlikely), then a delay of something between 1 and 2 seconds will occur

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